What is a Successful Internet Marketing Agency


Internet marketing is an absolutely huge industry.  Some of the most successful people in this business are people who capitalized early on their networking, and marketing knowledge and applied it online.  This industry requires creativity, self-confidence and no fear about moving in the direction you want to make money. There will be inevitable failures and money lost along the way, but those who continue to fight it out are usually the ones standing in the end with prosperity as their partner.

The key is that these pioneers did it and many still do today…

Because so many warriors before us were determined to create success through the platform that developed online, we are able today to create massive wealth by marketing online.  As the internet has expanded and flourished and continues to take over pretty much every aspect of our lives this only enlarges the opportunities.  This is nowhere more true than online shopping and the huge impact it has made on our lives and the internet as a whole.  With the ability to have a business running 24/7, international presence and very low start-up costs it is a no brainer for hungry business people.  There are very few other places that you can increase your income or revenue as quickly as you can online.  Imagine going from $5,000 a month to $40,000 within one year.  Very few if any standard brick and mortar business can offer such an increase in income.

Despite this huge opportunity and the massive volume of money exchanged online, there are still marketers who cannot get their offers to convert or their websites to generate them an income.  This is as true today than it ever has been before, with such an immensely competitive market there are so many factors to get right or that could go wrong that it destroys many people’s attempts for success. No matter how beautifully designed a website is or how great the copy may be if there is no traffic you will make nothing.  And with all the traffic in the world and terrible copy or lackluster website design, you will more likely than not see no profit.

Why is this an important discussion?  And what can you do?

This is where the work of a successful internet marketing agency is crucial to the success of any business online. People still believe that internet marketing agencies are not worth the investment, or that they can get the job done on their own.  Bu the truth of the matter is that a great internet marketing agency will bring more monetarily into the company than you will ever pay to them for their services.  So even if you send some employees to a marketing conference to talk to the latest trendsetters and they take in a tenth of that knowledge.  They return to the company with little or no ability to actually apply the proper techniques that the best SEO in Rochester would offer your company at a minimum.

Another contributing factor to your decision to work from within may be that you can handle it.  You or your employees may have a general idea of what to do and can work to figure it out.  Nowhere is this more detrimental to your business than with online marketing.  It may take someone years of trial and error to figure out one sector of marketing.  Their time as well is much better spent increasing the company’s ability to advance and investing in an agency that is skilled and experienced with moving your business forward.

Another huge advantage to hiring a marketing agency is that if they are successful they have invested the time and the resources in building a significant track record they are in business to help you succeed.  If you do not have the necessary knowledge and or skills to implement it will take time and money to figure it out.  A much better investment is to hire an agency who you can count on and hold accountable as a part of your business.

Of course depending on what type of services you are looking to implement the cost vary wildly.  What type of market are you competing in, what is the size of the market and how many people are searching for your product or service?  These are all crucial parts of the worthiness to your organization.  Also, things to consider are what types of marketing do you have in place now, where does your online business currently rank in the search engines and what can you expect as an ROI on more clients or sales generated.

Some agencies are willing to work on a percentage basis depending on the sales generated.  Others will have a monthly fee which may or may not require a contract for services provided.  Keep in mind when selecting an agency, what are you comfortable with as a business, engaging in a contract or splitting a percentage of your profit.  Look for agencies that fit those parameters.

It can be expensive to hire a successful SEO agency. What you will find is that if you choose wisely the price you pay is nothing but an investment in the disproportionate amount of money your company will earn from their services.  In some cases, you may invest thousands every month but if that generates tens of thousands in revenue, is it worth the investment?  If I offered you $100 for every $10 you gave to me, how much would you be willing to spend?